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Name That Prophet Board Game

Name That Prophet Board Game

Name That Prophet Board Game

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In a busy world filled with social media, video games, and sports, it is hard to find the time and energy to teach our kids about the Prophets and their stories. These stories can shape our kids for the better, both in this world and the next.

These stories have been told and heard for generations. However, somehow, we still forget which Prophet did what. Yet, we remember every cartoon princess…and their sidekicks. We designed this innovative, fun game to engrain the stories of the Prophets, their lessons, their struggles and their accomplishments in our youth.

Using trivia-style questions, ranked easy, medium, and hard, this game does more than help people have fun while learning. It also serves as reference material when trying to reference a Prophets story. Our easy-to-read cards help people quickly retrieve the information they need and learn a new fact!


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